Case Studies

  • Comparative Efficacy of Superheated Dry Steam Application and Insecticide Spray Against Common Bed Bugs Under Simulated Field Conditions

    As compared to insecticides, advantages of using steam in the management of bed bugs include its lack of toxicity, the ability to treat many areas where insecticides cannot be used according to label directions, the ability to effectively penetrate through the fabric and into cracks where bed bugs hide and the ability to kill all bed bug life stages, including eggs.
  • Polti, first in Italy in compliance with the SDD standard

    The awareness of how the current epidemiological scenario has changed the protocols existing so far has therefore led the company to push even more on research, in order to be able to give an important turning point to its mission by qualifying leading products as SDD and in particular those of the professional line.
  • Aprehend® Case Study: Effective pairing with the Cimex Eradicator steam generator

    Aprehend® enabled Green Flag to offer a low-cost, effective bed bug remediation service, requiring just one treatment. The addition of steam using the Polti Cimex Eradicator allowed them to offer bed bug treatment with immediate relief from bites, plus the long-term residual of Aprehend® for a fraction of the cost of a standard thermal remediation.